Top Six Ways To Prepare For Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t born knowing how to model or pose for the camera.  We want to be sexy and hot, but we feel awkward and nerdy.  That is completely normal.  At Shondy Studios in Omaha, NE we work hard to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Women are beautiful, powerful beings, but, as women, we easily forget our sexy.  Boudoir is not about swimsuit models; it’s about reconnecting with your womanhood.  At Shondy Studios we will help you connect with that sexy beast you have waiting inside you.  We’ll capture her.  Book your photo shoot today.  Call us with questions:  402-968-1717…we would love to get to know you!

boudoir photography, omaha, ne, boudoir photographer, sexy pictures, omaha photographers, pin-up photography, lingerie photography, omaha boudoir photographerIn the mean time, here is a list of 6 things you can do to contribute to the success of your shoot:

1.  Drink plenty of water.  Water is great for your skin and most of us walk around dehydrated without even knowing it.  Adequate amounts of water consumption will also help you lose weight, so drink-up!

2.  Get plenty of rest the night before your shoot.  It’s hard to get your sexy on when you feel like a tired old lady.

3.  When putting together lingerie outfits, choose solid colors.  Patterns and stripes can distract from the subject.  Also, be sure to bring some accessories like a pearl necklace, high heel shoes, sassy glasses, a tie, etc.  Bring several outfits.  Try to bring something that is significant to your significant other.

4.  Do a Google search for Vogue, Maxim, etc photos; study the models’ facial expressions.  You will be guided threw your boudoir shoot, and by no means do you need to know anything about posing at all, but you will come into the shoot with a little more confidence if you have your own ideas in your head.

5.  Make a day of it.  After we have you all dolled up and feeling sexy, go out with the girls for a night on the town.

6.  Bring a friend.  Sometimes friends can set you at ease and lighten the mood.  At Shondy Studios, if you and your friend both book a shoot, you can split the session fee.  Bonus!

Bottom line, boudoir shoots are a ton of fun.  You laugh, you drink a little, you talk about girl stuff, and you wind-up with a new friend (your photographer), and some pretty amazing portraits of yourself; portraits that will remind you of something you forgot – that you are one sexy woman!

We are booking at Shondy Studios in Omaha, NE with limited availability.  Call us to book your session:  402-968-1717

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Shonda Bevill-Nunes

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