Preparing For Your Boudoir Shoot With Shondy Studios In Omaha, NE

Scheduling a boudoir shoot for yourself or to surprise your partner is an amazing experience you won’t forget and you will never regret!  There is no way to describe how wonderful and empowered these portraits can make you feel, not to mention, spice up your sex life!  There are several things you can do to ensure that your boudoir session is the best it can be.

What To Wear For a Boudoir Shoot

One of the first questions my clients have is what should I wear.  Here is a short, simple list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to what to wear for your boudoir shoot with Shondy Studios in Omaha, NE.

Let’s start with the DON’TS:

1.  No patterns.  Patterns are distracting and take away from the most important subject…you.Vector-damask-repeat-pattern-vector--damask--free-5246


2.  Try not to bring “baby  doll” outfits.  As women, when we feel insecure, we have a tendency to wear clothes (and lingerie) that is less form fitting.  While your objective is to wear something that looks flattering, baby doll outfits have a tendency to add weight in camera.  If you have any curves at all, you are better off wearing corsets or one piece lingerie verses a baby doll piece.

3.  A pre-formed bra cup that doesn’t fit your breasts…don’t bring it!  It is very important that what you bring fits you.  A good way to kill a great boudoir portrait is to wear a cup size that is two sizes too big for you.  Try your lingerie on before your shoot.  If you are drowning in the bra cup, go get a bra or lingerie piece that fits you!  Small breasts are sexy, but you have to photograph them right.  Help your boobs help you! : )

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The Do’s

1.  Bring solid colors.  If you have milky pale skin, like me, try to stick with darker colors.

2.  Bring black, but bring other colors too.  Black is very flattering and we definitely want black lingerie, but only one or two pieces.  We want your portfolio to be filled with variety, so choose some other colors as well.

3.  Bring matching bra and underwear.  You don’t have to just bring fancy lingerie pieces.  A matching bra and underwear set is very sexy.

4.  Bring different styles of underwear.  We want to see your sexy booty in a variety of different ways.  Bring boy cut undies, g strings, v-cut panties, etc….no granny panties please…haha. You wouldn’t, would you?

5.  Don’t stop at lingerie.  Bring your husband’s tie and button up shirt.  Bring things that are significant to you and your partners relationship.  Think outside of the box.

5.  Wear jewelry.  Jewelry is sexy and can enhance the image.  Bring it, but leave the watch at home.

6.  Bring heels, even if you hate them!  Like it or not, heels are damn sexy.  They make all women look like sexy beasts.  Bring a pair of black ones and red, if you have them.

7.  If you are booking a shoot to surprise your groom with a wedding gift, bring white or bridal lingerie, guarder, your veil, etc.  If your partner is in the military bring dog tags and military gear, etc.

8.  Bring a dress!  Who says boudoir is only lingerie???  A woman in a sexy dress…totally hot!

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Omaha Boudoir Photography at Shondy Studios

High Heels Are a Must Have

High heels are so important for a boudoir shoot!  They can take a portrait from sexy to super sexy.  Black stilettos are a must; they go with almost everything and they are super hot!  Red stilettos are also very sexy.  You obviously want to match your heels to your outfits.

Most importantly, even if you don’t normally wear high heels, BRING THEM!  Trust me, you will look amazing!

Other Tips

Finally, equalling as important as what to wear, make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before and drink a ton of water!  Why?  Water helps your skin glow and look amazing.

Those are my basic dress-for-success tips for your boudoir shoot with Shondy Studios.  No matter what size, shape, or color, I promise you, you’re gonna get your sexy on with Shondy Studios in Omaha, NE!

Still have questions?  Email or text us anytime: or 402-968-1717

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