The Power of A Woman’s Strength

Every once in a while we will have a client who requests that we leave her scares in her portraits. This always makes me envious….to get to the point where you are comfortable in your own skin and you know that you are a beautiful woman….that sometimes seems like a goal I will, personally, never reach, but every time I photograph another woman who is bold and courageous and comfortable with herself, I find a little more strength to be myself.

I often talk about why I shoot boudoir.  I am all about helping women find their inner and outer beauty, but what I am sometimes reminded of is that my clients are helping me.  They are helping me to be a stronger, more confident woman.  So, thank you…thank you to all the women out there that put yourself in front of my camera.  Thank you for what you give me in return. ❤

Mrs. E is absolutely gorgeous.  Hair & make-up by Kim Britain of Salon Ink.

woman in black lingerie crawling on bed red background woman in purple lingerie bending over on couch boudoir client laying on bed with a smile and sweater dark and sexy portrait of woman in lingerie laying on couch with eyes closed mouth open woman in black lingerie with back turned to camera but facing camera with a smile pulling on panties woman in purple lingerie standing in front of black wall black and white of high heel shoes in panties boudoir woman laying on white sheets in black lingerie black and white of girl knees on bed butt facing camera woman standing on knees on bed covering breasts black panties woman in sweater against gray wall for boudoir portrait

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